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The Bakery on Broadway


Kopplow Construction managed the demolition, remodel and additions to the Bakery on Broadway, which is the old ButterKrust Bakery Building located at 2201 Broadway.  Improvements involved salvaging the old bakery hall and original two story building, as well as approximately 40,000-square foot construction of a new two-story building on the north end of the site and a three-story building on the southeast end of the site.  The total area upon completion is approximately 100,000 square feet.  Kopplow Construction also salvaged the old west structure for use as a partially covered parking area.  Exterior materials are concrete tilt wall, masonry, EIFS and composite metal paneling.  Interior finishes are glass, stone, wood, stainless steel, carpet and paint.  The HVAC system is a chiller system utilizing ice-storage tanks to produce the chiller water.  The project is LEED certified.

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